Cool Chocolate Tools

Here are photos of the two items I couldn’t decide on.  Like Hamlet said,  ”To buy or not to buy,  that is the question.” I like the idea of the chocolate thermometer spatula,  even though it has a gimmicky feel to it.  I checked my candy thermometer,  and it doesn’t go low enough to help me with chocolate.  So it turns out that if I want to temper chocolate,  I need a new thermometer.  Have you ever melted chocolate?  It is a mess. I have visions of dropping my thermometer into the chocolate… Yuck!  Well,  I won’t have to worry about that with my NEW Spatula thermometer on the way!  I found a place that would offer me free shipping! Link to chocolate thermometer spatula.

The glorious tools on the left are the tools I have to leave behind – for now.  If they continue to haunt me,  I will have another birthday eventually! Maybe I’ll finish the chocolate book I am talking about writing,  and I can get these as a celebration gift to myself when the book gets published. Link to BakeDeco

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