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More on Earl Grey & My Sour Cherry Zinfandel Fondant

I am getting way too impressed with myself.  I can’t believe I made these candies! In the front I have dipped some of the sour cherry zinfandel fondant I wrote about yesterday. I put a piece of the starburst transfer sheet on the top. These would be prettier if I worked the fondant at a colder temperature. I could have gotten a more crisp shape.  If I used a chocolate made specifically for enrobing, the foot on the bottom of [...]

OHhhhh… Perfect!

Oh!  Very Good!  Inspired by Vosges Haut Chocolat, I mixed bacon into my 60% dark chocolate.  I’d say there were about 2-3 slices of bacon which I cooked until completely crunchy. (95% Fat Free Turkey Bacon is my favorite!) Then I used my mini food processor to grind the bacon to a fine ground. I melted about 5 ounces of chocolate. I poured the melted concoction onto a sheet of textured plastic…  Look what happened! It is textured! It came [...]

The Book of Chocolate Jots & Tittles

Last Tuesday I was telling my friends Colin & Rebecca that even though I am not a writer, and I’m not a chocolatier, I would like to write a book about making chocolates.  I am exploding with recipe ideas.  I told them I even have a name for the book: “The Amateur Chocolatier”. Rebecca very wisely stated, “Take a lot of careful notes.”  I knew I would have to be thinking of recipes in order to write this book. Rebecca’s [...]

Pop Rocks & a New Chocolate Mold

Oh, what Joy! Another box of chocolate supplies arrived today.  I got a new mold in the shape of a cocoa pod.  Very charming!  I bought it at Chef Rubber. I also got unflavored pop rocks from this website.  Holy Moly!  This is the most fun chocolate recipe.  I added a healthy dose of the pop rocks into dark chocolate,  and added cayenne pepper and alaea Hawaiian salt (course ground) into the mix.  I broke in the cocoa pod mold [...]

New Tools!

Some of the tools and supplies that I ordered have arrived.  Here are some photos of my first round of experiments. I was fairly pleased with the items in the top photo.  In the future I will try crushing the strawberry into powder. I think that will be more attractive. I was in a hurry.  I’d like to let the chocolate drip more next time so the foot of the nugget is smaller.  On the left is a 1/2 marshmallow [...]

Cool Chocolate Tools

Here are photos of the two items I couldn’t decide on.  Like Hamlet said,  ”To buy or not to buy,  that is the question.” I like the idea of the chocolate thermometer spatula,  even though it has a gimmicky feel to it.  I checked my candy thermometer,  and it doesn’t go low enough to help me with chocolate.  So it turns out that if I want to temper chocolate,  I need a new thermometer.  Have you ever melted chocolate?  It [...]

Taking it to the next level…

I have spent the last couple of weeks looking at a lot of chocolate tools and supplies companies.  I have done a lot of research on where to shop and what to buy.  I bought stuff!  Ha!  What fun! Within the week I should have some REAL chocolate tools,  and some molds, and transfer sheets to decorate the tops of pieces. I was toying around with the idea of getting some really good chocolate tools.  Oh boy, did I ever [...]