Pop Rocks & a New Chocolate Mold

Oh, what Joy! Another box of chocolate supplies arrived today.  I got a new mold in the shape of a cocoa pod.  Very charming!  I bought it at Chef Rubber. I also got unflavored pop rocks from this website.  Holy Moly!  This is the most fun chocolate recipe.  I added a healthy dose of the pop rocks into dark chocolate,  and added cayenne pepper and alaea Hawaiian salt (course ground) into the mix.  I broke in the cocoa pod mold with this awesome recipe. I nailed it!  It was perfect.

I got to use my triangle mold from Chocoley for the 2nd time. In this recipe, I chopped up “Bold Jalapeno Smokehouse” Almonds (from Blue Diamond) & combined them with white chocolate. It is fabulous.  I am making some of the best chocolates I have ever tasted.  But then you have to figure,  I am making them exactly for my own taste buds. So, I had better nail it. It was a great day for the Amateur Chocolatier!

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