Archives: March 2010

Salt !!!

I am crazy about salt in chocolate. As I sit and sample a large assortment of chocolate and spice combinations, I find myself drawn toward the savory chocolates more and more these days. I have loved regular old white table salt my whole life. I have had a salt fetish for a few years now. Of course, Salt Works has had a lot to do with this craze in my recent life. But, check this out! Who would have thought of salt as [...]

More on Earl Grey & My Sour Cherry Zinfandel Fondant

I am getting way too impressed with myself.  I can’t believe I made these candies! In the front I have dipped some of the sour cherry zinfandel fondant I wrote about yesterday. I put a piece of the starburst transfer sheet on the top. These would be prettier if I worked the fondant at a colder temperature. I could have gotten a more crisp shape.  If I used a chocolate made specifically for enrobing, the foot on the bottom of [...]

Earl Grey

I have to admit, this was a terrifying experiment with a pleasing result. Developing a perfected recipe will take some experimentation. However, round 1 has me excited for this adventure. When I was at the supermarket, I picked out some loose leaf tea to introduce into my chocolates. I chose jasmine pearl balls and Earl Grey (decaf). I had never eaten or made any chocolates with tea stuff in them when I picked these out.  I was hoping to find [...]

Sour Cherry Zinfandel Fondant

What the Heck is Fondant? I am making fondant.  Here’s the funny part:  I don’t even know what it is! Of course I have to go and change the recipe, too. I’m not even going to know if it turned out ok! It is a pretty simple recipe: water, sugar, cream of tartar, bring it to soft ball temperature. So, I figure I’m going to want it flavored. I use zinfandel instead of water. This ball of goop is soooo sticky. [...]

OHhhhh… Perfect!

Oh!  Very Good!  Inspired by Vosges Haut Chocolat, I mixed bacon into my 60% dark chocolate.  I’d say there were about 2-3 slices of bacon which I cooked until completely crunchy. (95% Fat Free Turkey Bacon is my favorite!) Then I used my mini food processor to grind the bacon to a fine ground. I melted about 5 ounces of chocolate. I poured the melted concoction onto a sheet of textured plastic…  Look what happened! It is textured! It came [...]

2 Recipe Jots Entered

I came up with my first 2 recipe entries in the Jots & Tittles book. 1) Coconut Curry & Caramel in milk chocolate.  It was pretty good. I’ll keep it in the line-up with some adaptations… maybe raisins instead of caramel.  The milk chocolate wasn’t perfectly tempered. That was a disappointment. It was hazy. 2) Strawberry & Walnut in white chocolate.  I used the freeze dried strawberries, which are slightly sour & crunchy, too. I was very pleased with this [...]

The Book of Chocolate Jots & Tittles

Last Tuesday I was telling my friends Colin & Rebecca that even though I am not a writer, and I’m not a chocolatier, I would like to write a book about making chocolates.  I am exploding with recipe ideas.  I told them I even have a name for the book: “The Amateur Chocolatier”. Rebecca very wisely stated, “Take a lot of careful notes.”  I knew I would have to be thinking of recipes in order to write this book. Rebecca’s [...]

Pop Rocks & a New Chocolate Mold

Oh, what Joy! Another box of chocolate supplies arrived today.  I got a new mold in the shape of a cocoa pod.  Very charming!  I bought it at Chef Rubber. I also got unflavored pop rocks from this website.  Holy Moly!  This is the most fun chocolate recipe.  I added a healthy dose of the pop rocks into dark chocolate,  and added cayenne pepper and alaea Hawaiian salt (course ground) into the mix.  I broke in the cocoa pod mold [...]

New Tools!

Some of the tools and supplies that I ordered have arrived.  Here are some photos of my first round of experiments. I was fairly pleased with the items in the top photo.  In the future I will try crushing the strawberry into powder. I think that will be more attractive. I was in a hurry.  I’d like to let the chocolate drip more next time so the foot of the nugget is smaller.  On the left is a 1/2 marshmallow [...]

Fruit Crunchies

I’ll let you in on a secret ingredient:  Fruit Crunchies!  It is tricky using fruit in chocolate because of the water content. Ha! This fruit has been freeze-dried.  It is fabulously crunchy when fresh,  and gets softer as it absorbs moisture after being open for a few days.  Either way,  it has intense fruit flavor. I’m not sure how I will use my fruit crunchies yet.  One idea that keeps popping up is to crush them on top of dipped, [...]