The Book of Chocolate Jots & Tittles

Last Tuesday I was telling my friends Colin & Rebecca that even though I am not a writer, and I’m not a chocolatier, I would like to write a book about making chocolates.  I am exploding with recipe ideas.  I told them I even have a name for the book: “The Amateur Chocolatier”. Rebecca very wisely stated, “Take a lot of careful notes.”  I knew I would have to be thinking of recipes in order to write this book. Rebecca’s suggestion immediately made me realize that even at this stage, every experiment is taking me closer to an accurate recipe.  So,  last night as I was getting ready to go to sleep,  I thought, “I am going to have to get myself a journal for my chocolatier adventures.”  Then I remembered a journal that my Aunt Carole gave me for Christmas 2 seasons back.  I liked the leathery chocolate warmth and texture of this journal. It sat on a shelf waiting for it’s destiny. Ha! The day has come!  Today I pronounce it “The Book of Chocolate Jots & Tittles”. I don’t want any of the awesome ideas, ingredients, and recipes to get away from me.  If a recipe needs more of this and less of the other thing, I will capture it all in this chocolate journal. I can clean up all those scraps of notes that are floating around my study room, and my mind.

Don’t forget that a notebook can be one of the most important kitchen tools.

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