More on Earl Grey & My Sour Cherry Zinfandel Fondant

I am getting way too impressed with myself.  I can’t believe I made these candies! In the front I have dipped some of the sour cherry zinfandel fondant I wrote about yesterday. I put a piece of the starburst transfer sheet on the top. These would be prettier if I worked the fondant at a colder temperature. I could have gotten a more crisp shape.  If I used a chocolate made specifically for enrobing, the foot on the bottom of the candy would be smaller. Alas, I am an amateur chocolatier. But, still quite pleased with so many of my experiments. The best thing is how good these taste.

The candy in the back was the remainder of the milk chocolate that I used to dip the fondant. I mixed Earl Grey and walnuts into it, and then poured it onto a plastic sheet with a flower texture. This time I ground the Earl Grey tea a little bit finer. I am really impressed with the way this tea goes so well with chocolate. I really like it a lot!

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