Chunky Bars for Dad~!

OH dear… It is Father’s Day again. What to get Dad….. always the question. There is nothing in the world he needs. He has a lovely wife who makes sure of that~! But, I know a secret. Dad has an unquenchable sweet tooth. He doesn’t require the finest chocolate. He’ll eat anything. But there are a few ingredients that would be special to him… peanuts, heath crunch, dried cherries… sounds good to me, too.  I used the chocolate melts, instead of the Guittard chocolate. I didn’t want to have to worry about tempering the chocolate. Dad would like the Chocoley Chocolate just as much, anyway.

So, I melted up the chocolate, and got out the deep silicon ice cube tray… the one that makes the big chunky cubes. I lined the cubes with melted chocolate, then I added all kinds of yummy stuff inside. Then I filled the rest of the tray with chocolate, and stirred each cube slightly. I ran out of peanuts (bummer). So, each chunky square will have peanuts, and walnuts. I also included a small chunk of granola. So the dried cherries add a chewy texture, then the granola, peanuts, and walnuts add a softer crunch, and the heath bar crunch toffee bits add a sharp crunch. The squares will be about the size of a “Chunky Bar”… but he won’t have to stop at one. I’ll be giving him about a dozen, and it is Father’s Day, so he can eat them ALL~! I think this is going to work out fine as aFather’s Day gift~!

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