Honey Sunflower Seeds & Raisin Bark

I am going to an “event” today, and I am bringing one of the sweet treats that will end the meal. I decided to make 2 different kinds of chocolates. I’ll blog each one separately, each a unique recipe.

This is a simple recipe, and affordable to make for larger groups. The price of sunflower seeds is considerably lower than the price of nuts, and raisins are delicious in chocolate, and also affordable.  That said, it isn’t always about saving money, in this case it is about making the money go farther… making more dessert for the same amount~!

I chose honey roasted sunflower kernels from the dig bin in my amazing supermarket. I went with the golden raisins this time. I don’t know why. I decided these ingredients would taste good in milk chocolate. I didn’t want to get into the big tempering ordeal (so much leaf raking to be done today, too), so I used the chocoley chocolate. Tastes great while keeping things simple. I melted the chocolate and added a whole bunch of seeds and raisins. I like very chunky chocolates… so I tend to add as much as I can, with the chocolate still maintaining the snap we all adore in chocolate. I spread it out on a pretty textured plastic sheet, let cool, cut it with a big knife into smaller square pieces. Viola~!

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